Ferrari is taking legal action against a charity in Italy because it wants to use the charity’s name for its new SUV. The luxury car manufacturer and the Purosangue Foundation, which states its objectives as “[t]he promotion for the public benefit of participation in healthy recreation by providing facilities for sport and the improvement of health and fitness”, had previously held talks regarding Ferrari’s desire to use the name “Purosangue”, an Italian word meaning “thoroughbred” and “full-blooded”, for one of its upcoming vehicles. However, when these talks broke down, the Purosangue Foundation took action to prevent Ferrari’s application for a European trademark for the “Purosangue” name. By way of response, Ferrari responded by launching proceedings against the small foundation, claiming that it has not made sufficient commercial use of “Purosangue” since registering it as a trademark back in 2013, and therefore is not entitled to exclusive use of the term. For its part, the Purosangue Foundation is refusing to back down, arguing that there is plenty of evidence of use, including a joint venture with Adidas to create clothing and footwear branded with the “Purosangue” name. With neither side likely to give ground, Ferrari’s action will be considered by an Italian court in early March.

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