Europe leads with almost half of the world’s best protected brands; and consumer brands dominate

London, U.K., May 26, 2021 – Clarivate Plc (NYSE:CLVT), a global leader in providing trusted information and insights to accelerate the pace of innovation, announced today the first ever listing of Top 100 Best Protected Global Brands. The 2021 report identifies the most impactful and best protected brands in the world, measuring brand strength through the analysis of advanced and unified IP data including trademark information, global case law and digital domain name protection. Almost half (49) of the world’s Best Protected Global Brands are headquartered in Europe and consumer brands (51) make up a majority of the list, according to the report.

Jeff Roy, President, IP Group, Clarivate, said, “Our very first Best Protected Global Brands report honors businesses that have created powerful identities. Their brand stewards recognize the pivotal role IP plays in supporting business strategies and delivering long-term value. We congratulate the Top 100 Best Protected Global Brands for their commitment to elevating and protecting their commercial identity, at a time when the rate of change and complexity of competition is greater than ever before.”

Other key findings from the Top 100 Best Protected Global Brands 2021 include:

  • Strong consumer brand presence – consumer goods and food industry leads with 18 brands, followed by luxury, fashion and sports with 15 and electronics and computing (13).
  • Heritage brands show staying power – 19 brands, including Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Kodak, Merck and Shell, were first registered more than a century ago.
  • Multiple brands from individual companies – seven companies feature on the list more than once with their house and product brands.
  • Powerful business to business brands feature – industrial systems firms such as ABB, SKF and Caterpillar underscore the value of brand protection in non-consumer settings.

Roy concluded, “The traditional ways of protecting a product, brand or corporate identity are no longer adequate in today’s rapidly changing and geographically diverse environment. Understanding what works in this new landscape requires new derived knowledge. At Clarivate, we are on a mission to improve the way the world creates, protects and advances innovation, that’s why we empower organizations with this knowledge, by connecting information across IP asset classes and unlocking the full potential of unified IP. By harnessing the capabilities of our industry-leading IP solutions, our Top 100 Best Protected Global Brands offers a valuable, new view to the brand industry.”

The Clarivate Top 100 Best Protected Global Brands report and the list of Best Protected Global Brands can be found here.


The Top 100 Best Protected Global Brands 2021 uses content resources across Clarivate, including Clarivate Trademark Strength IndexTM, CompuMarkTM trademark research and protection, Darts-ipTM IP case data and MarkMonitorTM domain scoring. By unifying these data sets, new data points were created to generate the family of marks forming a distinct brand. From approximately 110 million individual records, the new family of marks were ranked based on six factors, then distilled to the Top 100 Best Protected Global Brands:

  • Heritage and persistence – age of a trademark, combined with consistent new activity, to provide information on brands that are well-known and powerful.
  • Industry and market – the commercial product and service impression of each mark family, both across distinct trademark classification areas as well as the share of activity within them, to assess the commercial breadth of trademark coverage.
  • Footprint – the geographic and economic footprint of the brand coverage, in terms of the number of countries and jurisdictions and the relative economic importance of those countries.
  • Distinctive identity – an assessment of the uniqueness and distinctiveness of the brand identity, a core principle of trademark strength.
  • Digital presence – usage and registration as domain names, under the control of the brand owner, across major top-level domains – country code top-level domains (for example .cn, .de or .uk), and generic top-level domains (.com, etc.).
  • Well-known – whether brands have been recognized as well-known by either courts or intellectual property offices, and in how many different jurisdictions this acknowledgement occurred.

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