Published May 22, 2024

New York, New York—May 21, 2024—The International Trademark Association (INTA) has published its 2023 Presidential Task Force (PTF) report, Unlocking IP. The report addresses the question of how to disseminate factually correct and usable information about intellectual property (IP) to the mainstream media, given its role in informing the public.

“I chose ‘Unlocking IP’ as the subject of my Presidential Task Force because IP is at the heart of economies, driving innovation, transforming the way we live, and ultimately improving quality of life. IP brings reliability and consistency to the products we buy and use. When the media of all kinds — traditional and digital — have the resources they need to cover this important world of issues, we all benefit,” explained 2023 INTA President Jomarie Fredericks (Rotary, USA).

PTF Co-Chair Susan Natland (Knobbe Martens, USA) continued, “We in the IP community know the role IP plays in driving innovation, increasing economic prosperity, and keeping consumers safe. It can sometimes be difficult for the general public to grasp the nuances of IP and how it helps protect their local economies and enhance consumer experiences.”

“When the media has a strong understanding of these concepts and issues, their readers are better able to recognize the value IP plays in their daily lives and the harm of IP misuse,” stressed Ms Natland. “With the media as a partner, we hope to help the public better appreciate the positive impact of IP and companies’ desire to protect brands and consumers.”

The PTF first established what IP resources already exist in a comprehensive discovery process of globally available assets. They then conducted a four-jurisdiction consumer survey on brand issues, awareness, and behavior. It involved 400 respondents each in Singapore, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States). Finally, they created a Media Toolkit that provides condensed and accessible information media stakeholders can use to inform their coverage.

The media toolkit includes a glossary of key terminology, a variety of examples of IP coverage with commentary, a list of resources currently available through INTA and IP offices from around the world, key takeaways from the consumer survey (the full results of which are included in the appendix), and messaging framework that explains and provides supporting evidence for ideas which are commonly held about IP.

As World Trademark Review’s managing editor and PTF Co-Chair Trevor Little commented: “In today’s fast-paced newsroom environment, despite striving for accuracy and nuance in their reporting, it is impossible for journalists to be experts on every topic they tackle. However, readers, in all their guises, rely on them for critical insights, know-how, and information about key issues. This report therefore represents a first step towards creating accessible tools and information related to intellectual property that the busy media professional can easily and quickly utilize.”

The PTF is a compendium of source material, original data, and next steps to guide the media professional to facts and consultation on IP issues. It also functions as a road map for the Association to accomplish its goal of being a one-stop resource for anyone seeking to understand or explain IP and offers a way forward for how best to further cement itself in this role.

“I extend my thanks, appreciation, and admiration to the 2023 Presidential Task Force. The results are a substantive Report that provides sage ideas on many levels,” said INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo.

Read INTA’s 2023 Presidential Task Force report, Unlocking IP.

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