Online copyright Infringement tracker survey (12th wave)
Twelfth edition of the IPO study into the extent of online copyright infringement, digital behaviours and attitudes among people aged 12+ in the UK

Key findings:

  • The overall level of infringement across all content categories (excluding digital visual images) increased from 25% to 32%. Films and TV episodes/programmes had their highest level of infringement.
  • The proportions streaming content in all categories remained at the highest point we have seen in the study so far.
  • The proportion using illegal sources to download TV saw a notable increase from 16% in Wave 11 to 22% in Wave 12.
  • The main drivers for illegal online consumption continued to be choice/variety of content on offer, being able to access it immediately and the cost.
  • For most categories, men were more likely to infringe than women, and across all categories, levels of infringement are lower among those aged 45+.

IPO counterfeit goods research (Wave 3) – GOV.UK ( large scale consumer survey looking at buying counterfeit goods

Key findings:

  • Most respondents (71%) continued to indicate that they had never purchased counterfeit goods, with 29% (+2% from wave 2) claiming to have knowingly purchased a counterfeit at some point in their lives.
  • Younger consumers tended to purchase more counterfeits: 18-24 (31%, +1% from Wave 2) and 25-34 (24%, -2%). It fell to 24% (plus 6%) for those aged 35-44 and was between 8-12% (no change) for all older age groups.
  • This year showed a significant increase in the proportion of toy consumers who purchased counterfeits (14%, + 5%),
  • Sports (15%, +3%) Toys (14%, +5%) and clothing, footwear and accessories (14%, no change) represented the highest proportions of counterfeit purchasers.
  • Cost continued to be key in why people purchased counterfeits



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