Talking IP is a new podcast for intellectual property (IP) professionals showcasing compelling conversations that take you inside the professional lives and careers of global IP leaders and entrepreneurs.

Hosted by Australian Patent Attorney and IP Entrepreneur Justin Simpson, each episode features interviews with an IP leader or entrepreneur exploring a range of topics including their current business focus as well as their career journey into the IP profession.

Justin is the Founder and CEO of Billtrader, a purpose-built FinTech for IP firms. Prior to starting Billtrader, he founded inovia, an online patent filing company he built to be the largest foreign patent filer in the world.

The first episode features a wide-ranging conversation with Robert Wulff, Principal Patent Attorney at Griffith Hack, one of the largest IP firms in Australia.

Mr Wulff discusses his particular interest in clean technology, how he got his start as a patent attorney, his thirty-four plus years at Griffith Hack, including the journey from private practice to a publicly listed entity, and the advice he would give young people entering the industry today.

Upcoming episodes include an impressive group of IP leaders/entrepreneurs including:

Gary Smith – former director of the office of the PCT at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in Geneva.
Toni Nijm – Swedish patent attorney and founder of Ipendo the IP management software company, head of software integration at CPA global and founder of an IP networking startup RightHub.
Peter Finnie – Experienced UK & European Patent Attorney and Partner & Board Member of Potter Clarkson.
Edward Murgitroyd – Former CEO of Murgitroyd in the UK, the first IP firm to go public and now founder of innovative annuities company, Hexos IP.
Justin Gallagher – Co-founder, Executive Chairman and Director of Research & Innovation at Equinox the IP management software company.

“The IP industry is powered by expertise and relationships, and I have always valued the opportunity to connect with industry peers. I created this podcast to bring those conversations to a global audience, in particular the emerging IP industry leaders and entrepreneurs,” said Justin.

“The IP profession is broad and diverse, and everyone’s pathway into the industry is different; what has been really interesting in the interviews conducted so far is the unwavering energy, passion, and pride in the profession that these IP leaders have,” Justin added.

About the IP Industry
Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions, brands and designs. IP is protected by laws in the areas of trademarks, patents and registered designs which enable people and organisations to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent or create.

About Justin Simpson, Founder & CEO Billtrader
Justin Simpson is an Australian Patent Attorney and true IP entrepreneur. Before starting Billtrader, he founded inovia, an online patent filing company he built to be the largest foreign patent filer in the world and then sold to a listed UK company for US$29.1 million. Prior to inovia, Justin worked as a software-specialist patent attorney for Allens Linklaters and Shelston IP. He has also worked in-house as patent counsel for Kia Silverbrook, the most prolific inventor of all time. Justin has degrees in Science and Law from Sydney University, is a registered Australian Patent and Trade Marks Attorney and is listed as an inventor on over 50 patents and patent applications.

About Billtrader
Billtrader is a FinTech solution purpose-built for IP firms, designed to solve the cost and efficiency challenges of making payments to and being paid by foreign agents. Billtrader manages transactions with more than 1,500 global IP firms and have processed more than 30,000 bills valued at over $50m. The Billtrader platform enables IP firms to streamline the accounts payable and receivable processes, as they send and receive money from around the world, by automating data capture, payments, notifications, and reconciliation.



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