Published May 14, 2024

Questel, a global leader in intellectual property (IP) management and technology services, has surpassed the 1,000-customer milestone for its IP management systems (IPMS). By positioning IP management technology at the heart of its strategy, Questel has built the industry’s most connected IPMS, ensuring maximum performance by integrating IP maintenance services, data, and business intelligence directly into the IPMS.

This “end-to-end integrated IP” strategy is the result of the successful acquisition of 20 expert companies over the past five years.

“The integration of targeted pure players allows us to provide a comprehensive solution at an unrivaled level of precision and quality,” said Charles Besson, CEO at Questel.

The Equinox IPMS software suite supports each stage of the IP rights management lifecycle (Invention disclosure, Brand proposal, Patent and Trademark Docketing, Cost Forecasting, Blockchain Timestamping, and Invoice and Document Management). Also available on Salesforce technologyQuestel’s software differentiates itself in the market as the only IPMS to have been designed from conception to manage all types of IP rights.

Among the connectors most requested and appreciated by customers are patent renewalstrademark renewals, law engines, and the patent and trademark data search and watch technologies offered by our Orbit and Markify solutions.

The analysis of the client portfolio shows that Questel supports both law firms and companies of all sizes and has a unique capacity to reach the mid-market.

Questel combines high quality and security standards with best-in-class customer experience. 

“The strong relationships with our clients are based on simplified transitioning from their former IPMS, a dedicated team and project manager, and secure data migration,” added Toni Rodger, Customer Experience Officer at Questel.

The development of IPMS is the main software investment of the Questel group. Specialist teams across Europe, Asia, and North America work to constantly add new features and AI applications to increase performance, analysis, and the automation of administrative tasks.

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