Originating in 1886, the Trade-Mark Owners Association (TMOA) led the expansion of global trademark protections and continued to protect the interests of its clients through two World Wars, the Great Depression, and the 2008 Recession. Now, over 130 years after its incorporation, TMOA is being relaunched by its attorneys and their colleagues, following an investor-backed management buy-out.

Earlier this month, stakeholders voted overwhelmingly in favor of the buy-out, and on 19 May ownership of the business transferred to its attorneys and colleagues, its pension fund, and its new Managing Director, Paul Hayman.

According to a statement, the newly relaunched TMOA recognizes that – more than ever – there is a need for a caring, compassionate approach that benefits clients, colleagues, and partners alike; a “new way of working” that provides unrivaled service to clients, a better work/life balance, opportunities for colleagues, and trusted partnerships with associates across the globe.

TMOA’s Managing Director Paul Hayman said: “The world is experiencing extraordinary events so now is the perfect time to relaunch TMOA. We believe that now, more than ever, our clients and colleagues want a partner they can trust to provide excellent service and, as important, who they can trust to be compassionate and supportive. TMOA will be their loyal ally, protecting their interests, especially through the hardest of times. We draw on our proud heritage as we build a new enterprise for the future: one that will address the challenges and opportunities of the world we live in today. The old ways served us well for many decades, but the world has changed, and we have to find a better way.”

Les Powell, former Joint General Manager, added: “Relaunching TMOA is a wonderful idea as it enjoyed so much goodwill from clients and agents around the world, with whom we encouraged the building of working friendships. Reviving this way of working, in an updated and modern way, will be a very good thing for everyone. TMOA will be a new company, with a strong heritage, ready to meet today’s challenges.”

TMOA website

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