, an all-in-one trademark protection tool, has been launched by Compumark with the aim of making it easy and affordable for small business owners to safeguard their brands. The new site allows entrepreneurs to monitor up to five marks for copycat activity, to determine the availability of their desired mark before applying, and to secure help filing their trademark applications with the USPTO.

Mara Trumbour, Executive Product Owner of, said: “ really helps small businesses protect the ownership of their brand, while addressing risks that are oftentimes unseen. If a trademark owner isn’t actively monitoring their trademark, another business can easily capitalize on their hard work to build a positive reputation. That’s where shines, so small business owners can catch potential copycats before it’s too late.” is powered by CompuMark, part of Clarivate Analytics and leading provider of trademark protection services. “Having personally experienced the heartbreak of infringement, I’ve become extremely passionate about helping today’s entrepreneurs claim their brand before someone else does,” said Jeff Roy, President of CompuMark. “This convenient, low-cost service tool was designed to help the small business owner who has put blood, sweat, and tears into building their brand save the additional time and effort that comes with owning and monitoring their trademarks.”

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