Published August 24, 2023

Government launches consultation as work on new trademarks and designs services starts

The UK Government has launched a second consultation on proposed changes to allow the Intellectual Property Office to deliver better digital services.

In July, the government concluded its first transformation consultation. The new consultation focuses on specific trademarks and designs issues, but also includes some proposals on patents and tribunals.

Series marks

The new consultation includes proposals to change or abolish series marks. Series marks allow customers to apply for up to six similar trademarks at a reduced cost – for example, the same logo in different colors. They represent around 10% of all domestic trademark applications.

Series mark applications have high objection rates for not being used correctly – 39% for unrepresented customers and 17% for represented customers. This suggests many customers have difficulties with filing series marks.

While series marks are widely used, the additional value or legal protection these add for trademark customers is unclear.

More mediation within tribunals 

The government is exploring ways to encourage more mediation within the IPO tribunal service, as part of the new digital service for hearings and tribunals, launching in 2025.

The IPO actively encourages parties to mediate, as a quicker and less costly alternative to litigation. As part of this consultation, we are keen to hear views on possible changes that could enable more mediation to be used during all IPO tribunal proceedings, and how such changes could work.

New online document inspection service 

The government is proposing to introduce a new digital service that will allow the public to view documents relating to trademark and design applications online for the first time.

This will remove the archaic requirement for members of the public to attend the IPO’s offices in person or order copies of documents to view this information. This proposal will make it easier for the public to access information about IP.

Public inspection of documents and requests for confidentiality 

The government proposes to bring trademarks and designs legislation into line with patents legislation on confidentiality of information and public inspection of documents.

Inventors’ addresses 

The government is considering no longer publishing full addresses of inventors for UK patents, instead publishing only country and place of residence. The applicant’s full address and the address for service will continue to be published.

Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) fee payment periods 

Fees for an SPC must be paid for in a single payment before the SPC may take effect. The government is exploring extending the period in which SPC fees must be paid.

Adam Williams, IPO CEO said:

“The One IPO transformation program is not just about better digital services, but also updating the legislation, policy, and practice that underpins the IP system. This consultation is the next important step on that journey.

The consultation also marks the start of the next phase of our work to deliver the new digital trademarks, designs, and tribunal services. We’re excited to work with customers to shape the new services.”

Matt Dixon, Vice-President of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) said:

“CIPA welcomes the IPO’s further consultation on its proposed changes in the One IPO Transformation project.  Development of the IP system to continue to match the practices and expectations of applicants and their representatives is important for maintaining the efficiency of the system.

We are pleased that the IPO continues to seek and consider carefully the views of experienced users before implementing changes and we encourage all users, in particular our members, to contribute fully to this consultation.”

President of The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA), Rachel Wilkinson-Duffy said:

“The One IPO transformation project is complex and ambitious and is set to revolutionize how IP rights are filed and managed. It is particularly exciting that the work on the trademarks and designs elements is about to begin and this consultation is an opportunity to shape how that work will look.

Following the previous consultation on transformation, the UK IPO has taken on board feedback from the IP profession, including CITMA, resulting in a number of improvements. This is why it’s important for users of the IP system to contribute to the consultation process and help shape the final service.”

Next steps for the new trademarks and designs services 

The consultation marks the start of the next phase of our work to develop new digital trademarks, designs, and tribunal services, launching in 2025.

Alongside the consultation, the IPO will start research to understand what tribunal, trademark, and designs customers need from the new digital services. Customers can register to take part in this research by emailing


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